Mountain Bike Ayiti
International Stage Race
January/February 2015*

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The MTB Ayiti Stage Race combines a once-in-a-lifetime cultural immersion experience with the opportunity to build the foundation for a sustainable adventure tourism industry while racing an insanely challenging course thru some of the most rugged and awe-inspiring terrain in the Western Hemisphere.
All Inclusive 6 Day, 5 Night cultural immersion experience that combines
3 days of biking with historical tours, ecosystem building and themed celebrations
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Dare to compete in the second annual mountain bike stage race
in Haiti “Land of Mountains”

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More than a race…

Mountain Bike (MTB) Ayiti has an ultimate goal of developing mountain biking in Haiti through local, microenterprise Haitian businesses. The MTB Ayiti International Mountain Bike Stage Race is a cornerstone event – it’s more than just a race. This race will develop a mountain bike ecosystem in Haiti and provide a transforming experience to participants.

MTB Ayiti is part of a series of Haiti Adventure Races, which will include an ultra-marathon, triathlon, and other sporting events. These events will help establish Haiti as a world-class destination for adventure travelers interested in mountain biking, hiking, surfing, diving, and other trail and water-based adventure activities. Most importantly, these events will directly influence the local economy through travelers’ expenditures on food, lodging, equipment, goods and services.

Positive Outcomes for the Haitian Community

While many events have an effect on the communities that host them, Haiti Ascent was initially conceived to directly impact and showcase the Haitian community. MTB Ayiti will be a catalyst for sustainable adventure tourism in Haiti- operated and outfitted by Haitian micro enterprises, in partnership with the international adventure and ecotourism industry. MTB Ayiti will drive economic development and help grow Haiti’s burgeoning tourism industry by coalescing a vibrant and profitable ecosystem of tour companies, hospitality providers and cycling-related services. The recreational demand for bikes, mechanics, merchants, and rental businesses will provide an impetus for a more robust cycling culture that will extend to utilitarian bikes and aid the community members who use them. Here are some examples of the immediate and long term benefits to the Haitian community:

  • An injection of more than $162,000 into Haiti’s tourism industry over a one-week time period (actual from Jan 2013)
  • Development of a network of tourism providers, ultimately increasing tourism and generating both revenue and new jobs
  • Positive publicity via advertising, PR campaigns and sports productions, as well as online viral marketing from inspired participants
  • Improved infrastructure and services that will expand tourism widely, especially to rural communities
  • A world-class 100+ mile fire trail and single-track trail system
  • Annual Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage Race to celebrate the Haitian rejuvenation
  • Increase in utilitarian commuter bikes via cycling industry development, skills transfer, and brand investments
  • Eventual support and encouragement for Haitian youth cycling programs and bike parks

Positive Outcomes for Participants

We haven’t forgotten about those participating in the event either. MTB Ayiti is a fun, rewarding and challenging event that provides a transforming experience. Riders combine the joy of developing a biking infrastructure with the adrenaline rush of racing – all while experiencing forests, rivers, beaches, caves, mountains, historic forts, artist communities, and coffee cooperatives and exposing parts of Haiti virtually unknown to visitors. Participating cyclists will be inspired by Haiti’s natural beauty, epic adventure-ready terrain, and its resilient and welcoming people. They will make new friends, learn new things, and test their mettle on the steepest trails in the “Land of Mountains” before soaking in the crystal blue ocean along the Cotes des Arcadins. In the end, participants will return home with captivating stories, photos, and awe-inspiring video footage that they will always remember.

  • Unique opportunity to visit a relatively undiscovered and unvarnished corner of the world
  • A chance to see the “real Haiti”
  • The chance to be part of something that has a positive impact for Haitian communities
  • Enjoy an unduplicated adventure travel /epic mountain bike stage race experience
  • A chance to be part of a Serac Adventure Films sports production

Mountain Bike Ayiti: Adventure for Good

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