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MTB Ayiti: a 6 Day, 5 Night cultural immersion experience that combines
3 days of biking with historical tours, ecosystem building and themed celebrations

Arrival (Tues, Mar 25, 2014)

As your plane descends into Port au Prince, you’ll cross far-reaching mountains and a sparkling Caribbean Sea. This is it. No going back. You’re here with your mountain bike and your racing heart; ready to take part in the country’s second international race. Over the next six days, you will be part of a unique cultural immersion and race experience. Get ready to soak in the sites, see local art, hear captivating music, visit with our partner organizations, engage with locals in their daily lives, and tackle one of the most challenging ascent stages in the world.

Airport; The airport in Port Au Prince is comparable to most developing countries. When you exit the plane, you will load onto a bus for a short ride to the terminal. As you exit the bus, you will be greeted by a band introducing you to the music of Haiti.  You will proceed into a main hall featuring circulating fans and Customs officials.  After receiving your entry visa, you will collect your bags and bike and be greeted by MTB Ayiti representatives, who will escort you outside-and into the Haitian heat. This is where your adventure begins…
“Busses & Transportation”; The MTB Ayiti team will load your bike and gear into trucks to be transported to the first lodge, Ranch Montcel in the mountains rising above Port au Prince. Your bikes and gear will be guarded in a protected holding area until your arrival. We will have mechanics on site to provide any level of support you need prior to and during the race.

Tour;You will get a brief overview of Port au Prince and a tour of some of the most innovative sustainability projects in the Caribbean.

Lodges; Athletes will stay together at Ranch Le Montcel for the first two nights. The second half of your experience will be spend at Moulin Sur Mer. Rooms are double occupancy, so you will stay with a travel companion or fellow racer (Details to follow). The facilities are beautiful and modern, and offer standard comforts, with showers, private bathrooms, US electrical outlets, and WIFI.

Ranch Le Montcel; Ranch le Montcelranch le montcel view
Moulin Sur Mer;
Meals; Evening meals will be served buffet style in a common area where participants can reflect on the day and share their experiences and observations. Food options will consist of Haitian specialties and western staples. While there may be some limitations, we will make best efforts to accommodate dietary preferences.
Cultural Immersion; There will be nightly educational sessions and entertainment as described below. In Haiti, people largely live in harmony with the rising and setting sun, and participants will be encouraged to wind down their day after the evening announcements are concluded. Naturally, a high priority is camaraderie, especially with the local Haitian racers, so small group sharing is encouraged. {Please take time to enjoy a Prestige, the local beer which won the best ale at the World Beer Cup in 2012)

Daily Educational, Entertainment & Athlete Activities

Educational sessions; Haiti was one of the first places Columbus spotted in the ‘New World’ and the very first European encampment was established when the Santa Maria sank off the coast and Columbus left the crew when he returned to Spain. Haiti was also the first independent black nation in the world, having won it’s independence from France in 1802. Another famous and cultural thing you associate with Haiti is Fort Delpeche, high in the mountains above Montrouis. Fort Delpeche sits atop the highest peak in the area at an elevation of 5154 feet. The fort is very well preserved with all the walls intact. The Citadelle, a UNESCO World heritage site, is the largest fortification in the western hemisphere. There are many other fascinating historical stories that will be shared by academics and guides.
“Culture & Entertainment”; The Haitian culture is a rich and diverse blend of African, French, and Caribbean. Each night, you will be treated to dancing, music, performances, ceremonies, and more. There will also be merchants with their crafts for sale so you can share this culture with your friends and family back home.
“Holistic & Wellness”; Check back for updates.


World Class~~Medical Attention; Safety and Health is our TOP priority and we have assembled a top notch Medical Team to support this world class event. Led by Medical Director Eric Miller, the team has decades of experience as field medics, EMT’s, and sports injuries. Some will be coming from the US, and the remainder are full time in Haiti, both native medical professionals and expats on rotation.

Race Coverage;‘On Course’ support, including ambulances, vehicles, equipment and additional personnel will be provided by Global DIRT, a US-based organization located in Haiti that has recently been contracted to help build out a nationwide Emergency Medical Response capability. We will have a full range of medical support capabilities to handle any possible medical injury or contingency. There will be medics at various fixed locations throughout the course as well as roving on motobike. There are 4WD ambulances, and Polaris ATV with backboards that can reach every part of the course.

Insurance; As with any adventure travel, we are recommending that participants take out medical travel insurance.  We have a special discount rate from MedJet, or you can use your preferred partner.  Patients can be evacuated from PAP to Miami in as little as 90 minutes.

You can learn more about medical preparations and recommended immunizations here

Ecosystem Building Days – Wed Mar 26 & Sat, Mar 29, 2014

Morning; Haiti comes alive with the first hint of dawn, and your first morning will be memorable. You will hear chickens crowing, people singing, and horns blaring. We will have coffee brewing and breakfast options ready early to get you fueled for the day ahead.
Ecosystem Building Activities; All participants, including the professional and amateur riders, along with event sponsors and organizers, will work side-by-side on mapping, trail improvements, skills training and local bike-related initiatives. This will help establish the core infrastructure needed to support recreational mountain bike adventure trips throughout the peak riding season (Oct-Mar), and will be a significant part of the legacy that participants in the Haiti Ascent Stage Race leave behind. Last year, Pedro’s bikes sent their chief mechanic to train 8 Haitian mechanics on bike maintenance, and other participants built mosaic trail markers that will help establish the first formal trail systems.
Lunch; Boxed lunches will be provided by the race organizers to ensure all participants have healthy and nutritious food and bottled water.
Tours;There are a surprising number of programs focused on innovative solutions to problems like electricity, sanitation, recycling, etc, and we may offer tours to project sites where you can learn about ingenious and inspiring solutions.
Dinner and Activities; Eat, drink, reflect, learn, commune, and prepare for the race stages ahead.

Course Map

View MTB Ayiti Stage Race – 2014 in a larger map

Google Earth Fly-thru
Coming Soon

Race Day 1 -  Thurs, Mar 27, 2014
Today we will replace shovels with shifters, and test yourself on a CHALLENGING Ascent course. Details coming soon.

Breakfast; Eat a hearty meal and hydrate. You will be burning plenty of calories today!
Aid Stations/Race Support; There will be numerous aid stations along the course with sports drink and nutrition. There will also be mechanics on moto bikes with spare tubes and parts, and a SAG vehicle to ensure that every rider is fully supported to complete the stage.
Dinner; Snacks will be available for athletes arriving earlier in the day, and a warm meal with generous portions will be served in the evening to fuel you for the next day.
Evening Activities; Rest and Restore

MTB Ayiti Stage 1 - Google Earth

Stage 1 – 34.2 km – 1200m climbing, 1840m descending

Stage 2 – 34.2 km – 1840m climbing, 1200m descending (both stages on same day)


Race Day 2 – Fri, Mar 28, 2014

Breakfast; Start your second race day with a cup (or several) of some of the best coffee in the western hemisphere, grown locally on coffee cooperatives located in some of the same areas where we will be riding.
Pack Gear; Load your gear up and onto the vehicles so it will be waiting for you at the lodges on the beach.
Course Description; Details coming Soon. Fort Delpeche
Lunch/Dinner; We expect everyone to finish by early afternoon, and want to get everyone fed and ready for the evening festivities. Fuel up, because the final stage is just ahead!

Race Day 3 – Sat, Mar 29, 2014

Course Description; Details coming Soon.


Beach Party

PARTY TIME; The race was specifically timed to finish at the Beach Resort  This will be a celebration you will remember for the rest of your life. There is simply no more fitting way to finish your extraordinary journey. Be prepared to dance into the wee hours!moulin-sur-mer (1)

Departure (Sun, Mar 30, 2013)
The busses will depart early for PAP. Bikes, Gear, and luggage will travel with you in the convoy back to Port au Prince for your return flight home.