Emmy award-winning director Michael Brown, of Serac Adventure Films, will capture the Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage Race, featuring icons and legends of the mountain bike industry as they ‘discover’ stunning terrain and attempt to ride some of the most epic trails in the western hemisphere.

Event sponsors and pro-riders will be joined by select amateur riders. Also, Haitian participants will be critical to the production, which will include coverage of Haitian riders, collaboration with Haitian film students, as well as working with Haitian composers and musicians.

The production will reveal some parts of Haiti that are rarely visited, such as La Visite National Park, bringing the tourism possibilities that exist in Haiti to the forefront for the world to see.

There are endless possibilities for outdoor adventure activities, providing new stories to tell each year as we annually chronicle the ongoing MTB Ayiti Social Awareness Adventure. Winter 2012/2013 is Chapter One of an ongoing revitalization and human interest story.