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The good press for MTB Ayiti and the Haiti Ascent Stage Race just keeps coming!
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11/25/2013; ;Haitian stage race return in 2014.
11/20/2013; ;Mountain bike stage racing returns to Haiti.
11/16/2013; ;MTB event in Haiti combines community service with racing.
11/15/2013; ;Mountain bike stage racing returns to Haiti.
11/06/2013; ;MTB Ayiti Returns for Second Annual Event.
11/05/2013; ;The Payday.
06/11/2013;MBMagazine (Greece);
O Hans Rey (“Hans Rey in Haiti”)
06/11/2013;ישראל ואופנייםMOUNTAIN BIKE ACTION (Israel);Riders of Haiti
06/10/2013;Mountain Bike world (Italy);La Scoperta di Haiti (“The Discovery of Haiti”)
06/10/2013;LAS BICIS GIANT (Portugal);Hans Rey No Haiti (“Hans Rey in Haiti”)
06/1/13; SWITCHBACK MAGAZINE; Wander: MTB Ayiti
06/1/13;FITNATION;Off the beaten path
03/14/13;MOUNTAINBIKE NEWS (Germany); MTB auf Haiti: Hans Reys Rennbericht vom MTB Ayiti Race.
02/28/13;HAITI BUSINESS WEEK;The First Ever Mountain Bike Competition Has Put Haiti In The Spotlight.
02/14/13;ELEVATION OUTDOORS;MTB Ayiti – Pre-Race Days.
02/13/13;;A Stage Race Like No Other.
02/07/13;ELEVATION OUTDOORS;MTB Ayiti – At a Glance.
02/01/13;HAITI INNOVATION; Haiti’s First Ever Pro-Am Mountain Bike Race Underway.
01/30/13;GRIT and GLIMMER;MTB Ayiti Stage One: Mosaics!
01/29/13;COLORADO DAILY;Colorado Mountain Bikers Prepare for Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage
01/02/13;RADIO TELEVISION CARAIBES;Race Mountain bike (mountain bike) in Haiti
01/02/13;HAITI LIBRE;Haiti’s First Ever Mountain Bike Race.
12/23/12;THE DAILY HERALD;Cyclist Trains for Haitian Bike Race.
12/18/12; MTBR – MTB Ayiti: Adventure for Good; Race With Marla Streb in Haiti
12/06/12;DIRTRAG;New Event Brings Mountain Bike Stage Race To Haiti.
11/22/12; LAS ANGELES TIMES; For troubled Haiti, tourism is a tough sell.
11/19/12; HAITI BUSINESS WEEK; Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage – An Insanely Challenging Race to Take Place in Haiti’s Mountains.
11/12/12;THE MIAMI HERALD;Haiti Campaign Targets Tourism Dollars.
09/10/12;PRI’S THE WORLD; New Mountain Bike Race Planned For Haiti.
08/02/12; HUFFINGTON POST; Mountain Bike Ayiti Adventure for Good.
06/18/12; SIGNAL NEWS; Haiti Mountain Bike Project to Open First Pro Race in Haiti.
06/12/12;THE SENTINEL;Scouting for a Professional Mountain Bike Race in Haiti.
06/08/12; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC;Trailblazing Haiti: Scouting the Country’s First Pro Mountain Biking Race. Part 2, Part 3
06/04/2012;ELEVATION OUTDOORS;Trailblazers Wanted
05/06/2012;DAILY CAMERA;Field Notes: More than a race
05/01/2012;MANMAN PEMBA;Devan Wardwell, mountain biker from St Marc
03/16/2012;PROVOCATE HAITI;Mountain-bike-tourism-driven economic development?
02/06/2012;RELIGION TODAY;Haiti Healing: Two Years Later, Hope Survives
01/24/2012;LONELY PLANET;Top 8 Caribbean Towns
10/17/2011;DAILY KOS;Mountain Bike Haiti: Ecotourism as International Aid
00/00/000;MEN’S JOURNAL;The Uncharted mountain Retreat


DATE; author; link
10/28/2013;Sonya Looney;MTB Ayiti 2014
02/24/2012;Sonya Looney;
Pre-race days
02/07/2012;Sonya Looney;
at a glance
02/07/2012;Sonya Looney;at a glance
09/10/2012;Chris Kehmeier; Mountain bike Ayiti race is on!
06/05/2011; Wendy Kerr;Registration Open for Extreme MTB Race in Haiti
04/19/2012; Chris Kehmeier;
MTB Ayiti Mountain Bike Photos
04/08/2012;Chris Bernhardt;Trail Solutions Partners wth Others to Assess Riding Opportunities in Haiti
01/14/2012;Jill Wheeler;Why Haiti? (and how I learned to fish with the Haitians)
01/12/2012;Jeff Evans;The World of MountainVision
11/15/2011;Chris Bernhardt;Development of Mountain Bicycle tourism in Haiti

Sports Special

We have some wonderful artists and authors helping us with MTB Ayiti. Check it out
Louis Story, veteran television producer for 6 Olympics, 3 Tour de France and countless sports specials, will capture the Haiti Ascent Mountain Bike Stage Race, featuring icons and legends of the mountain bike industry as they ‘discover’ stunning terrain and attempt to ride some of the most epic trails in the Western Hemisphere.

Event sponsors and pro-riders will be joined by select amateur riders. Also, Haitian participants will be critical to the production, which will include coverage of Haitian riders, collaboration with Haitian film students, as well as working with Haitian composers and musicians.

The production will reveal some parts of Haiti that are rarely visited, such as La Visite National Park, bringing the tourism possibilities that exist in Haiti to the forefront for the world to see.

There are endless possibilities for outdoor adventure activities, providing new stories to tell each year as we annually chronicle the ongoing MTB Ayiti Social Awareness Adventure. Winter 2013 is Chapter One of an ongoing revitalization and human interest story.

Ministry of Tourism Newsletter “April 2: Minister of Tourism met with the organizers of Mountain Bike Ayiti to establish projects and sustainable adventure tourism around cycling in Haiti.”
Find the Ministry of Tourism’s website here.