Social & Economic Impact Mission:

  • Establish Haiti as a world-class destination for adventure travelers interested in mountain biking, hiking, surfing, diving, and other trail & water-based adventure activities
  • A special emphasis on social impact and voluntourism
  • Travelers will be investing directly in the local economy through expenditures on food, lodging, equipment, goods and services

MTB Ayiti is the Catalyst:

  • Mountain Bike Ayiti (MTB Ayiti) will be the cornerstone for sustainable adventure tourism in Haiti
  • Operated and serviced by Haitian micro-enterprises, in partnership with the international adventure and ecotourism industry
  • Participating cyclists will be inspired by Haiti’s natural beauty, epic adventure-ready terrain, and its resilient and welcoming people
  • MTB Ayiti will drive economic development and help grow Haiti’s burgeoning tourism industry by coalescing a vibrant and profitable ecosystem of tour companies, hospitality providers and cycling-related services
  • The recreational demand for bikes, mechanics, merchants, and rental businesses will provide an impetus for a more robust cycling culture that will extend to utilitarian bikes
  • MTB Ayiti will ensure that visiting riders help foster the movement through advocacy, donations, and volunteer efforts